Taylor Swift MP3 (Fearless Album)

Taylor Swift is having the time of her 18 year old life right now as she just released her latest album Fearless. The country singer will debut atop both the country and Top 200 albums chart this week. Her set Fearless moved just a few thousand shy of 600,000 copies in its first week. This makes it the highest number tallied for a country album since the Eagle's debuted their 30-year comeback album last year, exclusively sold at Walmart and Sam's Club stores and changing the rules of Billboard's Top 200.Not only did she sell nearly 600, 000 copies, 131,000 of those copies were digitally downloaded from retailers such as iTunes and Rhapsody. Since Billboard started tracking digital sales only 4 years ago, this is the 4th best selling week for downloading sales, adding to the new digital revolution that is taking place, overpowering traditional hardcopy CD sales.

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