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Dawn Richards - Falls Away

Dawn Richard Bio

Dawn was born to dance school owner/teacher Debi Richard and Frank Richard, formerly of the band Chocolate Milk. She was bound to display all of the talent she posses today. As she sits, poised and ready for questioning, there is not doubt, she is ready to take “Making the Band” by storm. Dawn recently auditioned in Orlando, Florida to be a part of the MTV hit show “Making the Band 3”. Of 1100 hopefuls, only 3 made the cut to appear before Sean “Puffy” Combs in New York, to become one of the 15 girls who will live in one house, of which only a few will ultimately make the band. Dawn was one of the fortunate few who made it past the Orlando auditions.

From cheerleading at De La Salle high school, playing softball there, playing basketball at Nicholls State University (where she was also a Cheerleader), Richard has always maintained a hectic schedule. Now a Senior Marketing Major at the University of New Orleans and a Hornets Honeybee, and Making the Band 3 Semi Finalist, Dawn’s life has taken many turns. Deciding to sing was initially a struggle. However, her attitude, her energy and her talent has triumphed over the scrapes and bruises of the fields and courts of her past. Sorry fellas, a Singer at Southern University of New Orleans has her heart and fully supports her in all her endeavors. As she embarks on her Making the Band 3 tryouts, Richard will miss the other Honeybees, the crazy locker room experiences and the energy of the Hornet fans. “The energy is huge. I thank God everyday and every game for the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience here with the Hornets,” recalls Dawn. She is wonderful, thoughtful, intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. Most of all she is grounded. “I’m going to give my all to this Making the Band experience. No matter what happens, I know I gave 100% of myself.”

source: http://danity-kanefan4life.tripod.com/id4.html

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